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In the videos above, the first video is two of our high ranking brown belts practicing throwing techniques and flow during one of our adult classes, beginners always start at a much slower pace. The second video is Grandmaster Murdock demonstrating how to defend against a punch and how to apply an arm bar afterwards. We teach simple to learn self defense techniques that are practical and effective. Anyone of any size or fitness level can learn these techniques. Why not give it a try, the first class is always free. There's no obligation or high pressure sales to join?

Southern School of Martial Arts
Serving the McGee's Crossroads, Cleveland 40/42, Garner, Benson, Angier and Smithfield, NC area!
Please go to the Rivers Edge Bujinkan Dojo page for more information on Bujinkan Ninjutsu
At Southern School of Martial Arts You Learn Real World Self Defense
No Tournaments, No Trophies, No Rules, "You Win Your Life"
Manabi-Masho is a Non-Sport Specialized Self Defense Martial Art

Manabi-Masho means, "Lets Learn" The Working Way. Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu was formed in 1968 by Founder Grandmaster John H. Casarez from traditional Japanese Hakko-Ryu Ju-Jitsu and a blend of Judo, Aikido and Karate and few Ninjutsu techniques. His thoughts were a blended martial art is more effective than one single martial art.

Grandmaster Murdock's adaptation of Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu adds even more Ninjutsu along with Eskrima, Kali and techniques from JKD, Krav Maga and Russian Martial Arts for real life self protection. It's a street wise martial art that is effective for defending yourself and others from real attacks from real attackers, including multiple attackers and attackers with weapons. In addition to our Martial Arts training students learn valuable life lessons like how to be honest and respectful to others while having integrity and honoring those who gives us knowledge. 

With the increasing number of shootings in the country we now teach how to react to an active shooter and how to use offensive firearms tactical techniques to defend against an active shooter. Our Martial Art is a great supplement to "Conceal Carry" for the normal person without any hand to hand tactical experience. 


Learn from a true expert in the field! Grandmaster Murdock has over 35 years of experience in Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu and nearly 30 years experience in several other martial art styles. Grandmaster Murdock is a 9th degree black belt and a Soke-Dai (Inheritor of system). He's one of the highest ranking black belts in the Raleigh-Durham area. Grandmaster Murdock is a member of four Martial Art Halls of Fame and a member of the elite World Head of Family Sokeship Council.

Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu is recognized internationally through the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, WHFSC, WASCA and USIMAA.

We teach all ages, adults 18 and up, children 3 to 12 and teens ages 13 to 17.
We're now enrolling for our "Little Ninja class" ages 3 through 6. This class will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 6:45pm, please goto the Little Ninja page for more information. 

Our Class Times:

Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Children 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

Teens and Adults 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Ph. 919-753-7964

Located at Exit 319 and I-40/Hwy 210. (Physical Address: 27 Annette Dr. Suite 101, Benson, NC. 27504)


We're only 5 to 7 minutes south on I-40 from the Cleveland 40/42 Exit 312! 
We're also only 15 to 25 minutes from Clayton, Fuquay-Varina, Angier, Benson and Smithfield, NC.
If you live in Raleigh, We're only 25 to 35 minutes (normal traffic) from the I-440/I-40 Benson-Wilmington exit. 
The quality training you'll receive at our dojo is definitely going to be worth your drive!
To learn more about our martial art and our school please click on the school picture below for more information.

Southern School of Martial Arts is a BBB Accredited Martial Art Instructor in Benson, NC

Ju-Jitsu and Martial Arts near Fuquay-Varina, NC.

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